pressure vessel Inspection to API 510

18 Apr Superior in every way

A Glowing testimonial showing why Incon is quickly becoming the preferred Inspection partner for COMAH ageing plant sites all over the UK.

With InCons expertise is pressure vessel Inspection to API 510 we would like to share an email from a chemical plant in Cheshire dated 07 April

“Hello Neil,

Thank you for getting your inspector here at short notice for us, it was appreciated. I have received Ryan’s WSE & Report for our S17 and I have to compliment InCon, yourself and Ryan on everything you have carried out for us so far.

The report is first class, detailed and comprehensive and the initial inspection and findings will provide the platform for justification as well as legislation for all the inspections we need to complete in the near future. Having previously worked with ABB, Royal Sun Alliance, Allianz and Axiom I believe Incon’s performance so far to be superior in every way and I feel grateful I came across your details. Looking forward to developing an excellent working relationship and improving our compliance.

Thank you once again”