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Wednesday 1st November 2017
Inspection Consultants (InCon) Awarded Multi-Million Pound Inspection Framework
Thursday 8th February 2018

Leakage Detection Team successfully located 3 large leaks at an oil terminal

Leakage Detection Team

Inspection Consultants (InCon) Leakage Detection Team were recently called to one of our existing oil terminal clients. They had carried out a site safety investigation and found that their Fire Water ring main was not holding pressure and the flow meter to the main was spinning around constantly.

Our experienced team was able to assess the network to establish an understanding of what the issues could be.

After validating the system we then knew with confidence that leaks were occurring. Using Acoustic Velocity Noise detection equipment our team successfully located 3 large leaks. These were repaired and the fire main returned to normal operational use, meeting the insurance company, fire service, and client requirements.

For more information on Water Leak Detection and Inspection contact a member of the team on 0151 357 2212, or visit our Water Leak Detection and Inspection services page.