Drone Inspections

InCon can provide you with EEMUA 159 Tank Inspectors and API 570 processes pipe work Inspectors with eyes in the sky.

Our combination of qualified and experienced inspectors/ pilots are providing the information you need to make operationally critical decisions all over the UK.

With the ability to carry out visual inspections from the air has the obvious advantages of drastically reducing the amount of Scaffolding or rope access teams required or any other expensive access issues and reduce safety risk to the Inspectors.

Providing real-time high definition images of any areas that have no access. Thermal imaging can detect breakdown of insulation and lagging that can only be detected by air and the list goes on.

We believe InCon are the only company who can prove this service with fully qualified EEMUA & API Inspectors in the pilot seat making real-time observations and decision making on fit for purpose or critical decisions on storage Tanks and Process pipelines.

We provide a detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) before every inspection or survey.