Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing can be conducted by InCon technicians anywhere in the UK. For enquiries regarding this NDT service please contact us.

Foundrax Indentor Hardness Testers

Foundrax portable hardness testers serve the established market for full load (29 420N – 3000kgf) tests. For Subsea applications, we use Foundrax indentor testers, this gives us the ability to test to the requirements of API6A PSL 3 & 4.

The Foundrax Model 134 with standard equipment and usual accessories will cover over 90% of all portable Brinell hardness testing applications.

- Portable, accurate, versatile, lightweight, robust
- Applies the full 29 420N (3000kgf) test force on a 10mm ball – other test forces and indenters available
- Applies the full test force with an accuracy of 0.5%
- Used in any position – in any location the tester is always accurate Removable test head and standard accessories make its application almost unlimited, special adapters can be supplied

Krautkramer MIC10-DL Hardness Testers

InCon can also offer another standard hardness testing to NACE MR-01-75 (ISO 15156) using industry standard testing machines including Krautkramer MIC10-DL, this is a hardness tester that that is hand held, so it can be taken anywhere. This equipment also has small arrow probes that enable our technicians to make measurements on positions difficult to access.

InCon has numerous types of portable Hardness testing machines available.