InCon’s hydrotesting service is both varied and flexible. We conduct hydrostatic pressure testing on pipe lengths, pipe spooling and other pressure-retaining vessels, where integrity and safety are of paramount importance.

We undertake standard pressure testing on metallic components from a zero pressure point up to over 1034 Bar or 15000 PSI. Normal testing is conducted at around 1.5 x MWP or as specified by the client/end user.

Purpose-built Hydro Bay now up and running. See our Hydrotesting PDF for more information about this NDT service.

Hydrotesting Facilities and Equipment

Our test equipment is computer controlled and all hydrotesting criteria are pre-programmed prior to the commencement of testing. All testing is logged and recorded and is instantly retrievable for reporting and reviewing purposes.

We also have the unique facility of being able to run both our own digital test logging system and a traditional analogue (Chart recorder) types simultaneously if required.

For us to commence testing we require only a 1/2” NPT threaded connection and a 240V power connection.

It is normal for our clients to fill up the test component with their preferred test fluid/medium prior to our arrival on site, but we are also able to obtain commercially available test fluids if required.