Industrial Radiography

Industrial Radiography is an NDT service provided by InCon at our purpose built facility. In addition, we have a Digital Industrial Radiography System, fully integrated into our custom built Mercedes Sprinter van.

X-Ray and Gamma Ray Facilities:

Our Test House has 4 purpose built RPA/HSE approved Radiographic Test Bays which are operational 24/7 to ensure a fast turnaround of items for testing, especially important in Plant Shutdown scenarios.

All bays are equipped with a fully certified and endorsed Interlock Safe Working System and equipped with lifting facilities which include Transfer Boogies and Fork Lift Trucks for loading and unloading of client supplied test items.

We also have a large storage area within the building ensuring client items can be stored safely and securely, in quarantine if required. There is clear access to the Test House so vehicles can be loaded and offloaded safely.

Key Benefits of Digital Radiography Include:

  • Output of D7, D4 film quality combined with Selenium sources bringing the controlled area down to 4 metres
  • Accurate wall thickness and diminution by compare technology
  • One exposure will cover all thickness
  • Hard copy printout
  • No on-site darkroom requires – instant results on-site
  • Full training is given to client’s inspectors for viewing/inspection