Pipeline Integrity Inspection to API 570

Pipeline Integrity Inspection is a specialist NDT service carried out by InCon across the UK.

API 570 covers the inspection, rating, repair, and alteration procedures for metallic and FRP piping systems and their associated pressure relieving devices that have been in-service.

The intent of this code is to specify the in-service inspection and condition-monitoring program that is needed to determine the integrity of piping. That program should provide reasonably accurate and timely assessments to determine if any changes in the condition of piping could possibly compromise continued safe operation.

API 570 was developed for the petroleum refining and chemical process industries but may be used, where practical, for any piping system. It is intended for use by organisations that maintain or have access to an authorised inspection agency, a repair organisation, and technically qualified piping engineers, inspectors, and examiners.

Pipeline Drawing Service

In addition, InCon now offers a pipeline drawing service in which our specialist technicians walk, map and provide CAD drawings of pipeline networks. InCon has developed this new high-quality service to provide clients with complete, thorough and accurate pipeline integrity inspection.

API 570 Inspection Scope:

  • All inspections are performed by an API 570 certified inspector and NDT specialists using the most appropriate inspection methods.
  • All immediately required repairs are reported to the client without delay.
  • An isometric/CAD drawing of the pipeline is generated containing all inspection findings and piping references e.g. supports, valves, reducers etc.
  • Indication of remaining asset life based on pipe design and inspection codes.
  • Anomalies are assessed in accordance with applicable design code.
  • Complete overview of the condition of the piping systems, including the recommended inspection interval and next inspection dates.
  • Recommended actions to bring the piping system into compliance with inspection/assessment codes e.g. repairs, re-rating, maintenance etc.