Water Leak Detection and Inspection

Leaks from buried and over ground pipework cost money and with fewer than a small proportion of leaks over long periods showing at the surface, this can be an invisible cost on a business over many years.

Inspection Consultants (InCon) offers reliable and cost-effective Water Leak Detection and Inspection services that guarantee results and substantial savings for all business water users. Our Leakage Detection division has many years’ experience working on live networks, fire mains and storage. Using the latest Acoustic Noise technologies alongside our highly trained CABWI accredited staff we have been able to successfully reduce water loss to many varied clients, whilst reducing failure and downtime rates.

A comprehensive report with results and recommendations is provided at the end of the test with graphical and tabular data determining the extent of water loss, numbers of leaks found, types of leaks found and any other anomalies detected. Our methodology for a full survey allows InCon and our clients to be certain that all water loss is located, costs are reduced and the environmental impact lowered.

A Full Detection Survey

Stage 1 – Site Assessment

What is the correct billing starting point for the business, and have charges been increasing?

Stage 2 – Correct Recordings

By placing a small data logger on the water meter we can record flow over a selected period, normally 7 days. From this we can determine the current flow profiles and identify anomalies in the flow rate – for example unexpected night use.

Stage 3 – Visual Inspection

The first inspection is a walk-through to see any obvious defects, leaks, redundant supplies or other irregular occurrences.

Stage 4 – Detection

The InCon leakage detection team carriers out a full site inspection using an array of acoustic detection methods to locate all water leaks.

Stage 5 – Conservation Management

By managing the flow of water in user areas such as taps, showers, urinals, and toilets. InCon can reduce bills to a minimum and improve profitability.